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Health Vue Databases

We put health and medical data in context with our proprietary consumer data process from 120 million households and over 235 million individuals.
Medical & Disability Claims, EMR/EHR:

Public healthcare data from CMS Medicare, Medicaid; Large, medium, small employers and individual commercial; HIE; CDC; Medical literature

Healthcare attitudes segments; Voter registration
Socioeconomic & Demographic:

Age; Sex; Marital status; Income; Housing; Auto; Education

Lifestyle & Behavior:
Financial; Clothing size; Food; Hobbies/Interests
Consumer Health:

Food and fitness purchases; Self-reported medical conditions, medications, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and vitamins/supplements

Online & Social Media:
Special websites; Google; Facebook; Twitter

Clients & Partners

From Healthcare to Banking to Retail, Market Vue Partners has a broad range of experience

Empower your programs with Health Vue’s analytical ecosystem

Drive more powerful results

Secure Data Environment

Our technology ecosystem and work environment meets or exceeds requirements for HITECH and HIPAA-compliance to ensure your patient identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) is protected.

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Domain Experts

Our team has provided in-depth consumer marketing and healthcare analytics expertise for dozens of the nation’s leading businesses; this depth gives us the ability to take a substantive consultative analytics approach to solving your problems.

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Data Partners

Most of our clients form a community by supplying de-identified data in exchange for benefiting from large and credible sample sizes; in addition, we have multiple public and private sector data suppliers that feed our analytics by providing us with detailed medical and consumer data.

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Tool Sets

Our differentiation is our analysts and the analytic products we create, not necessarily the tools we use; but our analysts are masters of all the tools of the trade whether the objective requires us to analyze big data or small data, or structured data or unstructured data.

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