Future of Healthcare? Ask Digital Health Futurist Fard Johnmar

Last fall the Health Vue team had the opportunity to hear digital health futurist Fard Johnmar speak at a Health 2.0 Triangle about the concepts in his book “ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare.”* We reached out to him to get an update on his book and get a few definitions for key concepts that are taking hold in healthcare.

Startup a healthcare business in a weekend?

This past weekend I had the honor of participating in the Triangle Startup Weekend ~ Health. It took place in Durham, NC. Startup Weekend is a global Initiative funded in part by the Kauffman Foundation to give entrepreneurs (or wanna be entrepreneurs) an opportunity to pitch, join a team and create a business – all in 54 hours. This particular weekend had a theme – Health.

Do you live in a “Food Desert”?

Today’s Raleigh News & Observer reported about the closing of a downtown grocery store and the impact that had on local residents’ ability to eat healthy foods. Because of the closing, that area is now considered a “food desert” meaning an urban resident would...

History Repeats Itself

Jan Davis, Advisor, Market Vue Partners How do you identify which customers are most likely to respond to your next marketing message? If you’re like most marketers, you target based on their past behavior. Who responds to email and who to direct mail? Which customer...