ePatient 2015Last fall the Health Vue team had the opportunity to hear digital health futurist Fard Johnmar speak at a Health 2.0 Triangle about the concepts in his book “ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare.”* We reached out to him to get an update on his book and get a few definitions for key concepts that are taking hold in healthcare.

The first topic we discussed was how quickly some of the “futuristic” concepts were accelerating and becoming better understood, talked about and coming to pass. He was pleased and surprised that some ideas were moving forward as quickly as they were. To assist in sharing those ideas, we asked Fard to define a few of his key concepts. To learn more about them and/or order his book visit his website.

Predictive Psycho-History: Big Data and powerful computers are helping us make small and large-scale health decisions.

Healthy Real Estate: Health considerations will increasingly drive decisions about where to rent or buy, especially for seniors.

Augmented Nutrition: Digital tools provide real-time nutritional information and help consumers make better food choices. 

Multicultural Misalignment: Lack of cultural and socioeconomic understanding threatens to blunt the effectiveness of digital health technologies.   

Digital Peer to peer healthcare: Web, social and mobile technologies are helping patients and caregivers work together to navigate the new health insurance landscape, provide emotional support, select providers, and assist in their own care to
dramatically improve outcomes.

Care Hacking: Caregivers and patients are using digital tools to “hack” the health system while seeking and accessing better care.

Accelerated Trial Sourcing: Patients use social tools to find one other, prep for clinical trials, and recruit scientists to conduct the research.

For more information on the trends and concepts in Fard’s book, check out this Infographic.

* Co-Authored by Rahit Bhargava