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Consumer analytics and healthcare

Supporting the need for deeper data understanding
Health Vue takes your data to the next level.



For decades, healthcare providers have looked upon those who use their services as patients – not as consumers. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we are in a new world where consumers have more choices and providers are charged with delivering better outcomes. The need to understand consumer behaviors and predict how they will respond to new treatment and pricing options is paramount. Yet few players in the industry are adequately prepared for this fundamental change in their way of doing business.

Our Health Vues quickly show health systems how to succeed in a consumer driven marketplace — all the while recognizing and respecting the ongoing need for consumer health privacy at all times.


Deep dive into analytics for your clients

Creating white labeled data visualization and analysis to grow or retain clients


Your clients have access to lots of data – likely more than they know how to use effectively. Frequently, the right data is siloed within the organization, leaving marketing information fractured or incomplete.

The result: marketing that’s more expensive, difficult to manage and less targeted than you or your clients would like.

Analytics is the key to unlocking the hidden value of your client’s data – giving you the consumer insights you need to develop actionable, successful marketing that is targeted, measurable and ultimately, successful for your clients.

Our Health Vues quickly show agency clients how to use their data effectively and ultimately creates a deeper and more valuable relationship with their agency partners.

Flip the 80/20 Rule

Discovering new avenues to opportunity

Life Sciences

Flip the 80/20 Rule: Focusing on the top 10% of prescribers has been the traditional model for pharma companies. New regulatory pressures and the move to larger group practices and ACOs makes that model far less effective today.

Fortunately, new data & analytics insights from Health Vue and others as well as lower physician engagement costs have opened a whole new world of ways to reach physicians.

Where previously many physicians were deemed too small to justify any marketing effort, today’s digital strategies and completely flipped the old ways of going to market.